Eco-Friendly Jewelry Collection

Nature Friendly

We understand that companies can have a large impact on the environment, therefore, we stride to have a positive impact through the use of eco-friendly materials. We use natural materials and organic products to produce eco-friendly jewelry because we believe that it advocates environmentally conscious practices such as smart shopping, sustainable agriculture and the stimulation of local economies.

Certificate of Origin

Each jewelry piece comes with a  Certificate, whcih describes the Collection and certifies that the product is made or natural materials. Included is a velvet jewelry bag.

Use/Care of Natural Jewelry

The Tagua jewelry that we provide is produced with natural materials and organic dyes. We consider that it is important to follow certain care procedures in order to preserve the natural beauty and vital use of such organic materials.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sun light, water and steam
  • To maintain your jewelry clean simply wipe gently with a damp cloth and polish dry
  • Natural materials are fragile and delicate, always avoid impact with hard surfaces that can cause damage or even break these materials