Wayuu Mochilas Bags Collection

About Wayuu Mochila Bags

These fabulous woven bags are handcrafted by the Wayuu people, an ethnic group of the Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The Wayuu people have a very traditional culture and weaving as a family is one of the many traditions they practice. Every day the family comes together to weave and the grandfather teaches the rest of the clan the techniques he learned from his ancestors; in order to preserve and pass down his knowledge to the future generations. 

They have two distinct types of handbag straps: the Asonushi and the Gasa Paleteada (Paddle Gauze). The Asonushi pattern requires great strength and precision, so it is left for the men to elaborate. On the other hand the Gasa Paleteada is only woven by women. It usually takes about fifteen to twenty full days to finish one Wayuu mochila. 

Shades and hues of the Wayuu mochila are inspired by the vivid colors that surround this region. White sand, clear blue oceans, deep orange deserts and clear sunny sky’s are constant in their landscape. The signature geometric figures on these bags depict in a simplistic way the elements from Mother Nature.

Some examples of some bag motifs are the hexagons which represent turtle carapaces and the pentagon which represent mosquito heads. 

Across The Puddle Collection

Our Wayuu Mochila Bags collection includes a very careful selection of these handcrafted mochilas as we work directly with the Wayuu families that weave these famous bags. When you choose to purchase a Wayuu mochila, you are directly supporting these families economically and in the process you are helping preserve diversity of cultures in the world. Shop Collection