Pre-Columbian Collection


Our Pre-Columbian Collection is inspired on the extraordinary goldwork produced by different pre-Hispanic societies which inhabited what is modern day Colombia. These cultures are recognized worldwide by their skills and knowledge of a wide variety of metals. Their metalwork is characterized by their ability to master manufacturing techniques such as the Lost Wax Method and the Tumbaga Alloy which allowed them to work gold, an extremely fragile metal, as well as cooper and platinum.

Across the Puddle’s Pre-Columbian gold work collection is permanent in nature, based on the reproduction of original pieces seen displayed at the Banco de la Republica Museo del Oro in Bogota, Colombia. The Museum exhibits an extraordinary selection and houses the biggest in the world with more than 30.000 pieces.

Along with our permanent collection, we are constantly looking to add new jewelry pieces, to maintain our collection fresh and young. We want to keep the original layout of our ancestors’ goldwork, but we also like to have fun with jewels and play with different designs to keep our collection interesting and modern.

Metal pieces from Across The Puddle’s reproductions are made of nickel-free pewter (94% tin) and double-dipped in 24K gold. Some pieces are accented with semiprecious stones and ceramics.

Elaboration Process

Pre-Columbian Style Jewelry is recognized for its artistic and artisan elaboration process which makes it unique in the world. We follow similar techniques utilized by ancient craftsmen.

Our jewelry figures are first shaped out of wax. Once the desired shape and design has been incorporated onto the solid wax figurine, a mold is created. These molds are filled with liquid pewter, a malleable alloy with tin (94%) as the principal component. Once the pewter has cooled, the solid figurine is removed from the mold and polished. The piece is then dipped in cooper and later double dipped in 24k gold to give the gilded Pre-Columbian look. Finally, the piece is covered by a layer of cataphoretic lacquer to preserve the golden bath.

Certificate of Origin

Each jewelry piece comes with a numbered Certificate, which describes the Collection, the product, the Culture and the purity of gold. Included is a jewelry box or a velvet bag.

Use/Care of Pre-Columbian Style Jewelry

To maintain your jewelry clean simply:

  • Wipe gently with mild soap and warm water if required. Dry with a clean soft cloth.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sun light, water and steam
  • Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes and alcohol
  • Always avoid impact with other surfaces that may cause scratches or even breaks