About Us

Across the Puddle offers a museum quality reproduction collection of Pre-Columbian jewelry,  pottery  and ornaments. Jewelry spans from nose rings and breastplates to zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures. Ceramic reproductions include alcarrazas,  masks, bowls, amphoras and much more

We also carry a modern fashion accessories collection designed to be worn during the day or at night, made primarily with the purpose to embellish any outfit, ranging from casual to business. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind.

In addition to our designers in USA, Canada and Colombia we work with artisans in Colombia to complement our Eco-Friendly Jewelry Collection and Accessories product line.

Our History

Across the Puddle is a family owned business made up of artistic designers. We work together with other designers and small businesses in Colombia, the United States and Canada. We take pride in our employees and our partners, who also support fair-trade, equal employment opportunity and organizations like Kiva.org. In 2009, Across the Puddle was founded in Amsterdam by Kika Castro, while she accompanied her husband who was on an international assignment. She aspired to apply her career in Fashion and Graphic Design into a small-business that she could create and manage virtually from any place in the world.

Her grandfather starter his career as a jeweler in Colombia back in the 60´s and her aunt Elizabeth, is a jewelry designer living in Canada. Supported by a family with a background in the business, Kika decided to start her own jewelry company and contribute her vision of fashionable jewelry to the world.

Kika and Elizabeth worked together across the puddle to produce a unique Hand-Made Crotchet collection. Inspired by European trends and fashion, Kika observed while abroad, combined with Elizabeth’s artistry and creative vision the first Across the Puddle collection was born. With Kika’s return to California in 2010, Across the Puddle launched a new line. An Eco-friendly sustainable collection composed primarily of Tagua, also known as vegetable ivory. The Tagua used by Across The Puddle is mainly produced throughout the rain forests of Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador. With the use of Tagua we support small local family businesses and as well as higher social and environmental standards.

With Colombian roots, our appreciation for Pre-Columbian gold craftsmanship inspired us to incorporate a new collection to honor the Pre-Hispanic gold-work. Metal pieces are museum quality reproductions, casted in nickel-free pewter and double-dipped in 24K gold. 

As collectors and connoisseurs of Pre-Columbian Art started asking for Pre-Columbian pottery reproductions too, we added the Pre-Columbian ceramics reproductions as a new line of products.