Product Development

Across The Puddle began developing customized jewelry pieces few years ago as customers started asking whether we could reproduce specific museum pieces. In some cases, it was for educational or research purposes, the piece had been lost, or it had a special sentimental bond. Since then, we have grown the services steadily and today we can offer a comprehensive product development program. 

With our program, we can support museums on their educational mission providing valuable economic resources for their online and in-store retail sales.

Our offering covers the following services:

Design and Production

Our project leader works with customers along with the jewelers, artists and artisans to make sure designs and final product comply with customer requirements. We develop fashion jewelry (pewter, bronze, stainless steel) and fine Jewelry (gold and silver).


The use of CAD applications and 3D printing help our designers simplifying the process of creating new jewelry and providing accurate details especially in reproduction of small jewelry pieces.


The hand applied enamel technique adds an influx of color to jewelry which will further aid in the design of seasonal collections.


The preservation of this technique, brought to America in the early 1600s by the Spaniards, has been sustained by the families of silversmith in select regions in Latin America, including Santa Fe de Antioquia, Barbacoas, and Mompox, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site. We work collaboratively with expert artisans in these regions to maintain and advance the preservation of this ancient metalwork techniques.

Lost Wax

Lost Wax technique, well known in Pre-Columbian times, is still performed manually in few shops in Colombia. We work hand by hand with these artisans, especially in reproductions of pieces affected for the passage of time, making sure they reflect not only the spirit of the corresponding culture but the current conditions of the original.


All our jewelry has a final manual polish and review to ensure high quality of the products.

Lost wax technique
Lost wax technique
Lost wax technique
Lost wax technique
Lost wax technique

If you are interested in any of our services, contact us to start the conversation.