Golden Artifacts

Our fashion jewelry collection is inspired by the extraordinary goldwork made by different Pre-Hispanic societies which inhabited what is modern day Colombia. Many of the original pieces can be seen displayed at the Museum of Gold in Bogota, which houses more thant 30,000 units of golden artifacts created over a 1000 years ago! 

The Museum of Gold exhibits the biggest and most extraordinary selection of Pre-Columbian pieces.

Metal pieces from Across The Puddle's reproductions are made of 24k Gold Plated nickel-free pewter. Some pieces are accented with semiprecious stones, ceramics or natural elements as tagua and asai seeds. We follow the lost wax tachnique, the same utilized by ancient craftsmen during their elaboration process.

The diversity of topographies, from productive valleys to the Andean mountains, from the mangroves and swamps in the Pacific coast to the sea warm water and the perpetual snow in the Caribbean coast in the North, and the different social organization of the groups of people living in these different habitats marked their gold work style: from geometric and expressive figures to anthropomorphic and zoomorphic combination. 

Packaginc includes a numbered certificate, which describes the collection, the product and the purity of gold and a jewelry box or velvet bag.

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Pre-Columbian Regions and Chronology 

The following chart shows the chronology and regions inhabited by some of the Pre-Columbian Cultures in the currently country of Colombia:





Calima Region, Colombia

7.720 B.C. - 1500 A.D.


Santander and North Boyaca, Colombia

920 A.D. - 1500 A.D.


Eastern Range, Colombia

10.450 B.C. - 1500 A.D.


Narino High Plains, Colombia

800 A.D. - 1500 A.D.


Mid Cauca, Colombia

980 A.D. - 1500 A.D.

San Agustín

Upper Magdalena, Colombia

555 B.C. - 1500 A.D.


Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, Colombia

430 A.D. - 1500 A.D.


Upper Magdalena, Colombia

870 B.C. - 850 A.D.


Magdalena Valley, Colombia

460 A.D. - 1500 A.D.


Pacific Coast, Colombia

400 B.C. - 1075 A.D.


Caribean Plains, Colombia

860 B.C. - 1500 A.D.

The following map depicts the location of these regions in the current country of Colombia. 

Pre-Columbian Cultures Regions

 Source: Fondo de Promoción de La Cultura (1992). Arte de La Tierra – Colombia,. Forma y Figura. Santafe de Bogota, Colombia.  I.S.B.N. 958-9003-68-0